PEMF8000 Pro Ultra Mini – The Ultimate Travel Partner 

This powerful PEMF travel companion is built like a tank yet it’s very light! The Ultra Mini is our newest PEMF device designed for anyone short on space and moving at a very fast pace. Now you can have healing power where ever you go. Great for home, the RV, the road trip or that weekend getaway. Chiropractors and healthcare professionals find this to be the perfect unit to rent out to clients who don’t want to buy but love the results.

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Take this mobile wonder with you on short trips, the car, plane, or train. The PEMF8000 Pro Ultra Mini delivers around 8000 Gauss for highly targeted PEMF therapy. The Ultra Mini is a new PEMF device that’s been manufactured with the same exacting standards as our Revolution 2.5. It’s solid as a rock and packs a healing punch for its size. Call us today to see if the Ultra Mini is right for you.

The Ultimate PEMF Device For Those on The Go!

The Ultra Mini is priced to fit anyone’s budget who might be facing chronic pain or in need of fast recovery from many muscle and joint issues. It’s perfect for athletes, seniors or any suffering from injury, illness or a wide variety of chronic conditions. Finally, everyone can access state-of-the-art PEMF technology in this condensed healing power tool! 

The PEMF Ultra Mini starter package comes complete with:

  • PEMF Unit
  • Standard GelLoop
  • Power Cord

Additional options include: 

  • Treatment mattress
  • Treatment Paddle
  • Butterfly loop